Rim Umyarov


Online Course "Analytical drawing". Basics. 3.0

Learning goal.

To develop volumetric-spatial thinking, to develop memory, imagination. At the same time - to understand the basics of the laws of perspective, light and shadow, to study the basic proportions of a human, to analyze the laws of composition. Create, not copy!

Why is this needed?

If you can create, and not only copy, if you can see options where others do not see, this means that you are a valuable person for yourself, your family and society. Among other things, this means improving the quality of your services and increasing the cost of your services, whatever you do.

"Drawing it is just a tool" - Rim Umyarov.

The goal is big, difficult! But I sincerely believe that it is possible, it is important to take the first step - to start.

I am sure that it is very important to keep in touch with the teacher during the training, but the choice is yours.

Who am I?

My name is Rim Umyarov.

I'm 39 years old. I'am a teacher, artist, designer, architect, member of the Union of Designers of Russia, author of the book "Draw, not copy. Create, not copy" (in Russian), graffiti artist, airbrush artist, international tattoo artist.

Teaching experience 15 years. (about 5000 students).

New version of course INCLUDE 9 video tutorials:

1. Principles of work of imagination and volumetric spatial thinking.
2. Perspective. Cube.
3. Perspective. Rotation bodies.
4. Own shadows, falling shadows.
5. Basic human proportions, body dynamics.
6. Human head. Basic proportions.
7. Hands and feet. Basic proportions.
8. Composition. Air, focus, tips.
9. How not to lose faith in yourself and progress? How an artist can make money. Options. List of useful books.

Full set or Only videos


9 pre recorded VIDEO TUTORIALS


USD $250

    • - 9 tutorials (about 30 min./each).
    • - Homework in each tutorial.
    • - Access to tutorials anytime and forever.
    • - Personal communication via WhatsApp.
    • - Answers to questions.
    • - Checking homework.
    • - Consulting.


Only 9 pre recorded VIDEO TUTORIALS

USD $50

    • - 9 tutorials (about 30 min./each).
    • - Homework in each tutorial.
    • - Access to tutorials anytime and forever.

Second And next months communication

Only for students who use full set before

USD $150

    • + 1 exTra Month communications

For education you will need:

  • At first you will need to use all your patience! 1-2 hours practice every day!
  • Usual paper for sketches (paper for a printer is suitable).
  • Simple pencil.
  • Sculptural NON drying modeling clay 500g.

my books

With great pleasure I am ready to inform you that at the moment two of my books have been printed and released for sale.

First: A textbook with exercises, explanations and homework - "Draw, not sketch. Create, not copy. PURCHASE LINK

And the second: A collection of my sketches, sketches, ideas, sketches and finished works for the period 2020-2021. PURCHASE LINK

If you have some questions please text me in WhatsApp or email: